Demountable Containers For MINING CAMP

Our accommodation containers are the ideal solution for temporary housing at mining camps and are a cost effective way to accommodate employees on-site close to the construction site. Our mining camps consist of a range custom designed accommodation containers that are built to last and come in a variety of sizes and layouts. We can custom design our mining camps to suit your requirements with a fast turn around time - from order to delivery.

If you need a compact, yet comfortable accommodation units for your mining camp that are transportable, modular and low maintenance, then our mining accommodation containers are ideal. We have pre-designed accommodation unit that can sleep up to 8 people, and can be fitted with a kitchen and bathroom. There is a large range of optional mining accommodation unit accessories that can be installed upon request. Just fill out the below quote form and we will send you a brochure and price guide with all of our additional mining camp accessories.




Mining Camp Specifications

All of our accommodation containers feature:

  • Full Painted Premium Grade Container - large colour range.
  • Easy plumbing and electrical connections
  • Perfect for Mining Camps, Student, Residential and Holiday accommodation
  • Ready plans or custom designed to suit your application
  • Australian Made

Large accessory range which include:

  • Kitchenette
  • Ensuite
  • Air conditioner
  • Wide range of doors and windows
  • Vinyl flooring or floating floor boards
  • Full list available on our container accessories page


Modified shipping containers is one of the best accommodation options that you can consider for your mining accommodation needs. These are portable units that make perfect accommodation for your mining staff. Before you set out to order your shipping containers you should understand the mining accommodation units ordering process.

The first step is finalization of your requirements. You should know your requirements clearly because this will be the first question your suppliers will ask. You should know the size of the accommodation units you need, the number of people that you would like to accommodate, facilities that you will need in the accommodation units etc. You should put down your requirements in paper so that you know that nothing is left out and that your requirements are not misunderstood by your supplier. This will avoid unnecessary future confusions.

When you are finalizing your requirements you should decide on the size of the required portable housing units. This is one of the major factors that determine the cost of your mining units.

Once you have your requirements finalized, you need to find a supplier that specializes in the manufacturing and installation of shipping container accommodation units. You must try to get multiple quotes and when you are getting your quotes make sure that you get written quotes. You should always take time to go through every item in the quote. You should also look for any hidden expenses involved in buying and installing your mining accommodation units. When you are comparing quotes you should also review the quality of services offered by various companies. It is important to choose companies that give you good customer service.

After choosing the right vendor for your mining units you should list all the questions that are likely to have before you place your order. It is crucial that you have your questions answered and your doubts clarified. You should also get a clear timeline for the delivery of the ordered mining units. While getting your time line and the delivery dates, you should give your supplier the exact location where you would like to have your accommodation units installed. This will help your supplier give you more accurate timeline for the delivery of your accommodation units.

These are some of the important factors that you need to take into account before placing your order. Once you have placed your order you should take into account the next phase of the ordering process and that is to prepare the place where the mining units are to be installed. Having the place cleared and cleaned up before the arrival of the accommodation units will make things easy. In normal circumstances, it will be your responsibility to prepare the installation grounds and your supplier would not have included the cost for the installation ground preparation and they also would not have come prepared with the adequate equipment or personnel for such tasks unless you have already intimated your supplier of such requirements.


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