Successful projects of TIANDI prefabricated house

Each year,TIANDI finish many projects both at home and aboard, our products have covered regions as Saudi, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Russia and more.


Name: Qatar Camp office Construction

Project: 3000m2 prefabricated house project

Location: Qatar

Statu: Finished at July, 2008



Name: Camp House for Crusher Factory

Project: Jeddah accommodation and dinner camp house

Location: Jeddah, Saudi

Statu: Finished at July, 2011


Name: Cameroon Camp House Project

Project: Accommodation and office containers for gold mining site

Location: Cameroon

Statu: Finished at September, 2011


Name: Ablution Containers Modified From ISO Shipping Containers

Project: 60 units of 40' ablution containers

Location: Mobile for UN army in Africa

Statu: On going

Folding container

Name: Shanghai Converted Used ISO Shipping Containers Project

Construction site: Shanghai Shipyard

Project: 20 Converted used ISO containers as camp

Statu: On using


All those projects finished these years have provided us with precious experience in this field, should you be interested in our prefabricated house, please feel free to contact us.

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