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Product Specifications

1. Insulated Panels

Fluted and flat Panels 
* 185mm Effective insulation width.
* Maximum length 12m for transportation reasons.
* 0.5 – 0.7mm Chromadek or Galvalume application and skin.
* Bonded with high strength Polyurethane.
* 16 K6/m3 – 32 K6/m3 EPS insulation.
* 40mm – 300mm Thick Panel (Depending on application).
Wide span IBR Panel 
* 985mm Effective insulation width.
* Maximum length 12m for transport reasons.
* 0.5 – 0.7mm Chromadek or Galvalume skin (Depending on application).
* Bonded with high strength Polyurethane.
* 16 K6/m3 – 32 K6/m3 EPS insulation.
* 40 – 300mm Thick Panel (Depending on application)

Panel advantages: against traditional building material.

* Energy efficient – A 40mm panel has the same thermal resistance as a 4 brick wall.
* Quick and easy to install.
* Saves you time and money.
* Light weight to high strength ratio.
* Lifetime durability.


Patterns and Colours

Diferent patterns and colours of steel panels are available. Certain colours may only be available on larger quantities.

2. Trusses

* 0.8m lip channel Galvanized steel.
* Can be made and designed to suit strength for any building size required.
* Panels adapted to suit any size building without compromising durability or strength.

Advantages against traditional roof trusses

* Light weight
* High strength to weight ratio.
* Save on labor and installation.
* Lifetime durability.


3. Chassis

* Quick installation
* Can be used for temporary and permanent accommodation.
* Magnesium oxide floor boards. Fire proof and durable.
* Very light 0.8mm galvanized lip channel steel.
* Unlimited floor space can be designed accordingly



4. Concrete Floors

* Concrete floors is for permanent dwellings
* As traditionally done, the best floor solution, but timeous procedure.



5. Flat Roofs

* Used in our African and Modern Styles.
* Made from IBR wide span insulated panels (See as per panel specification).
* Easy installation.
* Economical.
* Lifetime durability.



6. Windows

* Aluminium windows are clipped in so no pop rivets are required.
* 500 – 1800mm width or height.
* Openers
* Round curved finishes inside.
* Windows are installed at our factory.
* Optional security bars.
* Optional Mosquito net.




7. Doors

a. Insulated door
* Doors are made using an insulated panel with a very neat aluminum frame that comes with galvanized hinges, door lock and handles.
* Durable.
* Energy efficient.



3. Paint

Our panels are 25 micron painted standard , but are repaintable with our special PVA formula


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