Color Steel Sandwich Panel


Polystyrene (EPS) sandwich panel

EPS Sandwich Panel

Low water absorption
Good warm proof and heat transfer resistance
Could be used in low temperature environment
Width of panels: 930mm/1000mm

Galvanized steel sheet thickness: 0.35 to 0.6mm
Total thickness: 50 to 150mm
Lengths of panels: customized
Resistances of heat-transfer process: 0.03 to 0.04W/m.k
Density: 8 to 12kg/m3




Polyurethane (PU) sandwich panel

PU sandwich Panel
Widely used in ship-craft, vehicle, and building and refrigeration room
Air conditioned warm keeping, decoration and other fields.

High strength
High bearing capacity
Easy and quick installation
Low water-absorbing capacity
Good bend and compression resistance

Width of panels: 930mm/1,000mm
Galvanized steel sheet thickness: 0.45 to 0.6mm
Total thickness: 50 to 150mm
Lengths of panels: customized
Specific gravities: ≥40kg/㎡
Resistances of heat-transfer process: ≤0.023W/m.k
Sound deadening: 21.5db
Limits of fire resistance: ≥220Kpa
Density: 40 to 120kg/m3
Water absorption for 24 hours: ≤5%


Rock wool sandwich panel

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

It is made of color steel sheet and rock wool warm proof, could be widely used in scavenged project (pharmaceutical/biologic/electronic), ship-craft, food-stuff, air-condition, factory, boiler room, floors, activity room, factory, refrigeration house, facility room, office-separation, indoor noise-absorption and so on.

1. Fire-proof
2. Good warm proof and heat transfer resistance
3. Good bend and compression resistance
4. High bearing capacity
5. Flexibility in fixing

1. Galvanized steel sheet thickness: 0.4 to 0.6mm
2. Total thickness: 50 to 150mm
3. Width of panels: 930mm
4. Lengths of panels: customized
5. Specific gravities: 10.2 to 17.7kg/㎡
6. Resistances of heat-transfer process: ≤0.044W/m.k

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